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For the New Home Buyer

There's nothing more magical then designing and building your dream home. From HGTV to Pinterest, beautiful homes in stunning locations are all around us. 

But, the path can be challenging.

Where to start? Who to call? Are they trustworthy? And... what if I go overbudget?

That's the worry and fear in building a new home.

No More...

NEWHOMES.house eliminates the chaos and confusion of building a new home by providing the following:

  • Home plans that can be customized to your design, taste, and lifestyle. 
    • All interior, non-bearing walls, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms can be moved, changed, and redesigned at no extra cost*
  • A national property-search app that lets you find the perfect property when it is convenient for you.
    • The search app includes the complete Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for every city in the United States. Look for properties anywhere!
  • Your builder is our builder, and our builders are thoroughly researched, vetted, and certified — and they understand exactly what it takes to build your dream home. After all, we are also builders.
    • Every NEWHOMES.house builder undergoes a thorough financial and construction examination and agrees to build with only quality materials and industry-standard processes.
HomeScout Search

HomeScout Search

Find your secret spot, your cabin in the woods, or that perfect lot in the city with HomeScout. Download the app and locate any property, anywhere! HomeScout opens every Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in the Unitied States. Now, look for land at your leisure. When you are ready to make an offer, contact your Realtor to write it up!

Custom Home Plans

Custom Home Plans

All home plans are completely customizable! Change any of the standard walls, move bedrooms, change kitcehn locations, and have fun! And this design service is available to you at no extra charge. That's right... it is completely free. 

Builder Selection

Builder Selection

Our builders are the best — and not just in quality of construction, honesty, and integrity. Our builders believe in family and community and taking care of their clients. Adhering to a strong code of ethics, our builders build to the highest level of construction standards. You will always know exactly how they build a home because every home includes online specifications and is photo-documented and videotaped. 

Construction Lending

Construction Lending

Financing your dream home is easy and stress-free with our construction lenders. From $0 down VA loans to 10% down traditional loans, we have exceptional financing packages for everyone. With our construction programs and loans, it's now possible to purchase your land, install wells, septic systems, and make other property improvements, and finance construction — all with just one loan.



The Homebook app is the secret sauce to custom home building. The Homebook app creates a web site for you, your builder, lender, vendors, and anyone else you want to invite in. It provides the following:

  • Communication Center (captures all emails and attachments)
  • Scheduling Center (real-time scheduling updated by your builder)
  • Daily Construction Log (photos, videos, and comments)
  • Warranty Center (all product and house warranties in one location)
  • Selections Center (complete standards and selections for your home)
  • Change Order Center (all changes to your selections)
REALTORS Work for You

REALTORS Work for You

With NEWHOMES.house, realtors who are experts in new-home construction work directly with you on your build.

Every custom home has a realtor representative who is there to help you find the perfect property, decide on the right certified builder, and navigate through the construction of your dream home. To be there for you — when you need them. 

No longer do you have to navigate through a custom home build without help. It's all part of the NEWHOMES.house commitment to you to make building your dream home enjoyable and worry-free.